Garden Planning

A biodynamic garden is attainable almost anywhere and you will benefit from it in many ways. It brings beauty and joy to the eye, supports biodiversity and is low maintenance. Designing a biodynamic garden from a scratch is beneficial as special protection and wild-life areas can be factored in upfront. It is also possible to re-design an old garden without having to destroy any existing foundations.

Whilst planning your garden, I pay special attention to existing plants and miniature eco systems. Where possible or requested, I factor these into your concept. I will create sketches and plan for you. The concept will take endemic flora, light and soil conditions into consideration. I select suitable plants so you can enjoy them right from the beginning.

You decide whether you implement my plan or have your garden built by one of my partners.

Contact me for a situation assessment, recommendations and further consulting!

Fruit and vegetable plot

How does a home grown, sun-spoiled tomato taste? Simply yummy! All throughout the summer (and with some late vegetable and fruit sorts way into the fall) our fruit and vegetable plots provide us with healthy, delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peppers where you can definitely taste the difference.

Vegetable plot sketch for customer

Ornamental Garden

There is nothing nicer for me on a hot summers day than to sit on the bench under our ash tree. The tree was my love at the first sight and turned into the focal point of our garden right from the start. The mighty tree gives shade and serves as a natural air-conditioning, keeping the surrounding air 2-3 degrees cooler. Semi-shade and shade loving plants like rhododendrons, ferns, hydrangeas or alchemilla grow well here. The shape of the foliage, the colours of their flowers and subsequent fruits announce the change of seasons. When the first frost arrives … even the smallest and seemingly grim corner of the garden is transformed into winter-wonderland.

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