Ecological garden design and
creative landscaping

We plan and design
your cosy ecological area

Your Garden

A place to enjoy and relax as well as a hideaway, a nesting place and feeding ground for creatures. With the right touch and spirit for adventure you can turn your garden into a mini eco-system, bustling with birds, bees and butterflies.

Give it time and nature will find its course and natural balance will prevail – with day-and-night cycles and the seasons influencing the activity of all garden-dwellers. Nature needs time to unfold, and this is an important consideration to bear in mind when planning your garden. As you plant a seed and watch it germinate, change, grow and mature, you will begin to appreciate your garden as an everchanging ‘living’ space. A small step for us as humans, yet a big leap for Nature.

Garden Planning

The design of your dream garden from an ecological, economic and individual aesthetic point of view

Plant Protection

The right combination of medicinal and useful plants for a holistic ecosystem

Healing Gardens

The little medicine cabinet right on your doorstep. Small helpers with a big effect

Sample Gardens

Animal Garden
Sea Garden
Wild Garden
Ornamental Garden
Tree Garden
Fruit Garden

How do you get your dream garden?

At four seasons gardening, we are there for you. And it all starts with a detailed personal consultation. Call us and together we will analyse and plan the next steps towards your dream garden.  Our partners will then implement the developed concept on site. The path to a feel-good biotope can be this simple!